How It Works

The Mousekepros services offered to passholders and our concierge clients all work by utilizing the concept of a “virtual concierge.” For each Passholder and Concierge clients, we maintain a dedicated My Disney Experience account and establish a friend relationship with each member of your group.

With your “my Mousekepros” account, you will be able to provide search criteria for dining and activities, book Park Passes, join a Virtual Queue or receive Wait Times alerts. Once activated, our virtual concierge checks for availability and takes action on your behalf:

  • Dining/Activity: we send a text message with a link for you to book the reservation (since a deposit or payment is required). Our “Dining” subscription limits users to 50 searches while “Concierge” and “Passholder” memberships offer unlimited searching.
  • Park Pass: if you have an entitlement available, we book for you and up to five registered guests. If we booked for you, we will send a text message; if you don’t, a text message is sent to alert you of potential Park Pass availability.
  • Virtual Queue: you simply activate a search for you and up to five registered guests We attempt to join the next virtual queue (currently 7am and 1pm daily) and text the result.
  • Wait Times: view the wait times for popular attractions during your park day. Specify a time you’d like to be notified, and if the wait drops to that level we will send a text message.