How It Works

The Mousekepros services offered to passholders and our concierge clients all work by utilizing the concept of a “virtual concierge.” For each of our clients, we maintain a dedicated My Disney Experience account and establish a friend relationship with each member of your group. This allows us to acquire Park Passes, book FastPasses and join Virtual Queues on your behalf.

With your “my Mousekepros” account, you will be able to provide search criteria for dining/activity, Park Pass, FastPass or Virtual Queue. Once activated, our virtual concierge checks for availability and takes action on your behalf:

  • Dining/Activity: we send a text message with a link for you to book the reservation (since a deposit or payment is required).
  • Park Pass: if you have an entitlement available, we book for you and send a text message; if you don’t, a text message is sent to alert you of potential Park Pass availability.
  • FastPass+: we book for you and send a text message with the return time. When we can’t book the entire group, we will look for overlapping times so that you can all still ride together. [Note that this service is not currently offered].
  • Virtual Queue: you simply activate a search for the selected members of your group. We attempt to join the next virtual queue (currently 10am and 2pm daily) and text the result. [Note that this service is not yet park tested].